Imagine if the story above was part of a job interview and you had to explain the word ‘nonchalant’. You would look around and think, “What am I going to do now? ‘Nonchalant’! All the other words seem to be in the right place, but nothing makes sense with ‘nonchalant’ and I don’t have a clue”.  I am sure you would be worried, anxious and concerned. Maybe a bit tense and, like the song goes,  ‘between a rock and a hard place’. Well, the answer is right there. Nonchalant is from the family of calm (cool, composed, calm and collected, cool as a cucumber) and indifferent (unemotional, dispassionate, blasé). Like in the examples: “she gave a nonchalant shrug” or “he had tried to appear nonchalant about the risks he was taking”. 



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